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Oh, you're READY, READY!

I'm here for this energy of mission  GET MY LIFE ON TRACK because if life was easy we would never need help. Change is inevitable HOWEVER, we choose how we respond to change and if you're lucky you can CREATE the change you want to see. So here are some tips, ideas, and resources to get you started!


This is a great place to start especially if you find it hard to talk about your issues to people who know you. Check with your insurance provider to see what therapists are in your network. Co-pays will vary by insurance plans. A THERAPIST IS NOT A SPECIALIST! Your co-pay should be similar to your PCP co-pay. A specialist would be a psychiatrist.


Here  is a list of different types of mental health professionals and what they do. 

I personally wanted a black therapist who aligned with my identity. It can make a difference to meet with someone who is culturally competent. I found my therapist on Therapy for Black Girls.

therapy 2.jpeg


If you are struggling with a crisis there are many emergency agencies you can reach out to locally and nationally.

Suicide Prevention Hotline


National Alliance of Mental Health


Text "NAMI" to 741741



So I use to think self help books were corny until I realized I was the corny one for not reading them earlier. Here are some books I found helpful in connecting to my inner self.

1. You're A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero

2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Mason

Woman Reading a Book


COVID-19 has probably cancelled any travel plans you had since 2020. Now would be a good time to explore new sights in your city or town.

My city explorations in DC and MD include finding new good eats (which are now happening through DoorDash and Ubereats) and random Groupon or Eventbrite adventures that have turned into Zoom meetings and IG Lives.

Here is what Under 30 Experiences has to say about being a tourist in your own city.



Ya'll I love me a good fragrance!! I have candles, incense, wax burners, room sprays, and oil diffuser. I may have a problem but before you judge me let me explain lol.

Aromatherapy can treat so many things! Starting with insomnia, stress, depression, muscular aches, menstrual cramping, and ever alopecia. Discovering the right essential oils to use can help. My personal favorite is Eucalyptus. Read more from Medical News Today.

You can find essential oils and diffusers on Amazon or at Target.

Image by Allie Smith


Mindfulness is a great way to reduce anxiety, decrease distractions, alleviate depression, and more. It can feel weird the first couple times but if you keep practicing you'll reap the benefits quickly.

One of my favorite apps to use is Calm.They have over 60 different types of guided meditation for all ages. There is also good ol' handy YouTube.

One of my favorite things to do is watch inspirational videos. My good friend Ant put me on to the idea by starting my day with some type of motivation and affirmations. Here is one of my favorites.  Steve Harvey's Apollo Story

Meditating by the Pool
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