The Side Effect of COVID-19 They Didn't Talk About

Updated: May 26, 2020

Outside of the health disparities, 5G conspiracies, and untimely fatalities. COVID-19 is sharing something else with us, TIME.

Posted April 10, 2020

"The comfort of ignoring the unknown is the same comfort that makes us stay in situations long past due."

It’s easy to be consumed by the negativity in the media. Society can be sick and twisted at times when they yearn for conspiracies and downfalls of issues because there is too much responsibility in the truth. If any one of us would have predicted that this pandemic would happen, would we have avoided it all together or properly prepare for it? I'd hope you would have said prepared for it because trying 4 different stores to have no luck finding toilet paper was never one of my 2020 goals. That's the thing about life though, we're not always in a position to be prepared. Some things you just have to figure out as you go.

Culturally we don’t like to address or acknowledge issues unless it’s looking dead at us in our face. The comfort of ignoring the unknown is the same comfort that makes us stay in situations long past due. Not all of us were raised to embrace pain and struggle. Resilience is what is often taught. If you got really good at that then you would move on to the numbness that follows. Maybe that’s why negativity is embraced because the truth has been always too good to be true and negativity has the power to evoke emotions that we forgot may exist.

There's a parallel to the coronavirus and everyday life as we knew it. If we're sticking to the ideology of truth then at some point we all encountered a person, place, or thing that gave us horrible symptoms (depression, anxiety, despair, etc.). We sped through every yellow light that situation gave us until we had no choice but to stop at the red light. That's the light that causes us to reflect on our past and future decisions.

Since this pandemic I decided to pick up a book for the first time in almost three y